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Pest Control Contracts

Public Health Pests covered

A Rodent Warrior Pest Control Contract will protect your business against all Public Health Pests that may cause harm to members of staff or the general public, or may contaminate food sources. The contract covers the entire premises including loft spaces, all external buildings and accommodation. The contract will also include the monitoring of Electric Fly Killing Units where applicable, which will be cleaned on each visit and have the tubes changed once per annum.

A contract to suit your business

Normally a contract runs for a twelve month period. However we can discuss longer contracts if this suits you and your business. Within each twelve month period your premises will receive eight regular inspections, to assess the current threat of pests and take precautionary or immediate action as necessary.

The Rodent Warrior team

Your contract will include:

  • Placing tamper-resistant bait stations each containing solid rodenticide in suitable locations for maximum effect with minimum public visibility
  • Comprehensive checking of the sewer systems using infrared fibre-optic cameras where necessary
  • Spot treatment of immediate threats from pests
  • 24-hour response service (same day call out) at no additional cost

Reports of every visit will be recorded in a Pest Control folder, which will be left at the premises. This details all the work undertaken at the time of the technician's visit. If the technician has any advice or recommendations these will be discussed with the proprietor or the staff member responsible for the premises. The recommendations and outcomes of the discussion will be recorded in the folder. Any immediate threat will be dealt with before we leave the premises.